Antek’s Wardrobe Diaries #1


shirt (similar) / cardigan / trousers / hat / gloves (gift)

I remember putting away the first box of Antek’s too-small clothes – I actually shed a tear, I was upset that my then newborn was already growing so quickly. Even these days I get a bit teary-eyed whenever I have to edit his wardrobe and make room for bigger-sized clothes.Β After all I love his clothes, I enjoy buying them (and getting them as gifts from others), styling him, taking pictures of him in them etc. And then it dawned to me – why don’t I catalogue some of his cutest outfits so I will always remember and cherish them?

I’m starting this new series in an attempt to create memories for myself, my husband and our families and to look back at these photos one day and realise how tiny Antek once was. Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I will enjoy creating them.



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