First Snow


I was really looking forward to going home to Poland this winter. Not only because I got to see my parents and family, but because Antek would experience proper winter for the first time in his life. We arrived to a thin layer of snow last week,Β only to have more of it falling day after day. As you may have seen in this photo or this one, I’ve been enjoying long walks in the nearby park with the pushchair, as it’s been looking absolutely beautiful around here.

Antek’s first snow experience was a positive one. He was, as always, very curious and he enjoyed getting his nose covered in snow. However, he was a bit annoyed that he couldn’t crawl easily!

Seeing his reaction to this white fluffy goodness and his attempt to understand what it was all about was priceless. It made me realise that it is truly the simple little things in life, like this snowfall, that can suddenly become extraordinary to a little child, and at the same time, to you as well.




IMG_3810 2



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  • He’s better dressed than me. That is all haha

    • Ha ha thank you! Seriously, my husband really needs to step up his game – his clothes as not as half cool as Antek’s!