We hear a lot about how we should express our gratitude daily, the need of focusing on positives and appreciating things we already have, instead of constantly chasing something unattainable.

Whilst at home in Poland recently, I read an interesting article in the Polish version of Women’s Health magazine (for my Polish readers, it is available here). It discussed how most of us, sadly, doesn’t realise how fortunate we already are, yet we constantly desire more from life. It also stated that those who do appreciate little positive things every day are overall happier than those who were constantly moaning, complaining and wishing they had more in life.

I know it’s not rocket science and that there are plenty of similar articles out there. But sometimes it’s the right place and the right time and all of a sudden something gets through to you. That article got me thinking and made me appreciate certain things and people that I already have in my life. I am now trying even harder to notice those little moments and gestures I experience every day, in order to further express my gratitude.


Therefore this week I am grateful for:

  • Antek starting to walk (!) and therefore becoming more independent each day
  • Gorgeous pink tulips that currently greet me in the hallway
  • Being able to complete another week of training and feeling stronger (hello, muscles!)
  • A lovely message from a dear friend that has put me a big smile on my face
  • An unexpected call from my mum in the evening and our lovely chat
  • Antek having a couple of longer naps during the day, allowing me to have some quiet time

What are you grateful for today / this week?



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  • Love this, it’s a good idea. I need to be more grateful. I am grateful for the new year and being able to spend it with my family. I’m also happy that extended family was able to visit.

    • That’s really lovely, Nikki – I think we often forget to appreciate our family members. Wishing you a Happy Lunar Year! x

  • Tee Grossnickle

    Great post! Too many focus on the negatives each day, leaving the good things unappreciated. This weekend my hubs and I will have a date night… they are rare but I am grateful for the times we do get.

    • Sounds exciting! These date nights are definitely much needed in a relationships, especially when you have kids. Hope you two have an amazing time together! x

      • Tee Grossnickle

        Thanks me too! Have a great weekend.

  • I’m grateful for my simple little life that I tend to take for granted but in hindsight, realizing other people would love to have the life I live.

    • What a wonderful things to say, Channing. We really don’t need much in life and sometimes the simple things are just the best things. x

  • Natalie Peters

    It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the things we want. I often forget to be grateful for the things I already have…and there’s so much joy in that! ~Thanks 🙂

    • I agree, that’s why I want to take time each week to reflect on those things that often get taken for granted. Hopefully I have inspired you to do the same! x

  • erinssharings

    Thanks so much for this! I get so caught up in the day to day things that I forget to take the time and be grateful for the little things.

    • I guess we are all guilty of this – that’s why we sometimes need little reminders of what’s important in life and what makes our lives so good. x

  • Ariana Fotinakis

    I love this! Every day for the past couple of months my mom and I have been texting each other in the morning sharing at least one thing we’re grateful for. Today I’m grateful for my health!

    • What a wonderful idea, Ariana! I might introduce this idea to my mum too, if you don’t mind? 😉 x

      • Ariana Fotinakis

        Not at all! It’s a great way to start the day 🙂

  • This is awesome! It’s definitely a great idea to take some time each day to remember the things we’re grateful for. I’m especially grateful for the site director/dean I have for my region! She’s the best! <3

    • Thank you, Farrah! So glad you have/know someone who inspires you daily, that’s amazing! x

  • Sara Mueller

    This is perfect! Yes to celebrating the little things and being grateful for them!