It’s been a rather unusual week, I should say.

Last Friday I was feeling very groggy all day and finally came down with a flu. I panicked because how can a full time mum be ill? Luckily, I had my husband to help out at home over the weekend so I focused on getting better. Plus our little man was unwell too and suddenly got lots of red dots and spots all over his body… I panicked (again) and was convinced it was chickenpox. Even our pharmacist said it was. In the end it wasn’t chickenpox but roseola, which is a similar but much milder illness. Nevertheless, me and Antek spent this whole week at home regaining our strengths and making sure we weren’t exposing anyone else to his virus. I had my hands full trying to entertain him, without our daily walks to break out the day. It’s been a busy and tiring week.

I am dying to go outside to experience this lovely warm weather – and this is exactly what I am planning on doing this weekend. A family breakfast in a little café, followed by a stroll in a park and feeding the ducks and in the evening a date night with the husband. And on Sunday I will be celebrating my very first Mother’s Day with the family.

I am so looking forward to those next two days. Hope you’re going to have a lovely weekend, too!




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  • DueCourse

    Glad you are feeling better! Enjoy your weekend with your wonderful family and your first mothers day – how exciting! <3 – Lois

  • Hope you feel better! 🙂

  • tianna

    hope you feel better soon xx have a nice weekend!

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  • Ruth Bloch

    Also looking forward to a lovely warm weekend and HOPEFULLY a warm mother’s day!

  • Feel Better!