One Year Old


So my little boy turned one on 6th April.

365 days have passed since he was born and turned our lives upside down. It’s been such a roller-coaster, filled with both good and hard times (as I’m sure any first-time mother would agree with me). I have learned so much in the passing year, not only about how to care for a baby, but also how to be strong, caring, patient and basically just responsible for another human being.

Antek is such a sweet, sweet boy – so adventurous, cheeky, and constantly on the move. He walks (sometimes a bit too fast for my liking), talks and gives the biggest slobbery smiles and kisses. He is obsessed with our cat (she doesn’t reciprocate this feeling) and my parents’ dog (whilst he totally adores him, too), loves his food (and milk), enjoys daily walks in his pushchair and wants to know/see everything and what is going on everywhere.

Here is to another year and more adventures together! I can’t wait to see what the second year of Antek’s life has in store for us.






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