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I know I’ve neglected this site a bit, but you know how it is – life gets in a way, a toddler keeps you occupied, there is not enough time in the day etc. But I have missed blogging and I am hoping to get back into it, even if it’s not as frequent as it once was.

So what have I been up to in the last few weeks?

Similarly to last year, me and the little man travelled to Poland for a month. Since the weather was incredible (think over 30°C every day), we spent our days mainly in the paddling pool or taking walks around the neighbourhood. It felt like a mini-holiday (and I’ve even got a tan to prove it). There are more snippets of my time there on my Instagram, so feel free to have a look if you’re interested.

As the summer is slowly coming back to an end (or at least it feels like it here in the UK), I am adopting the ‘back to school’ mindset with creating to-do lists, thinking of my goals for the upcoming months and tweaking my routine a bit to make it work even better for me. There are exciting things awaiting soon and I am for once looking forward to autumn!

I hope you’ve been all having an amazing summer!


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