Five Things Currently Making Me Happy


I have been practicing gratitude more frequently these days. Actually, every day I try to think of the little things that I appreciate and I am thankful for. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I have noticed I am happier, complain less and experience more positive situations on a regular basis.

I can write a long list of things that currently make me happy, but I thought I’d keep it short and sweet this time.

  1. My little boy. Cheesy – I know – but he is at such a cool stage at the moment that even though sometimes he drives me nuts, I can’t help but smile every time I see him.
  2. Lighting up my Diptyque and Jo Malone candles again. I am getting a little bit excited about the evenings getting longer again, so I can light up my favourite scented candles.
  3. My new Victoria’s Secret pyjamas (a gift from my husband), which is the softest set I have ever owned and in a beautiful burgundy colour.
  4. Our house coming together nicely. We are nearly (!) done decorating our lounge and I am enjoying relaxing there every night.
  5. The heating coming in the mornings (and sometimes evenings) and wrapping myself in my cosy dressing gown and slippers.

What has recently made you happy?



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  • Duni

    I practice gratitude every day! There are so many things people take for granted! Gratitude opens doors for more happy surprises 🙂 Have a wonderful week, Alina! xoxo