Hands Free Mama


I don’t post book reviews here, but this book has rocked my world and I had to share my thoughts on it.

Lately I have realised I have been constantly checking my phone, social media feeds, emails, text messages and always working on crossing things off my to-do list(s). I have been feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks I had to complete every day, resulting in feeling stressed, drained and uninspired by the end of the day. And then I started reading Hands Free Mama and re-evaluated what truly is important in my life. And we all agree that family is our biggest priority, right?

Therefore I want to spend more time with my son playing, interacting, teaching him about the world around us, reading books and just simply be with him. No phone, no laptop, no external distractions – just truly be present for him. What really hit me was this quote: Being responsible for someone’s childhood is a big deal. We not only create our own memories, but we create our child’s memories.

I don’t want Antek to remember me looking at my phone for the majority of his childhood and being stressed out because of an un-important to-do list (because let’s face it, tidying up the house or responding to yet another email can wait). I want to be able to spend my time being there for him, looking in his eyes and cherish these precious moments we have together.

Because let’s be honest – days are long but years are short, and my little boy is growing up so so fast. I don’t want to miss out on his childhood.

The great things is that not only parents can live Hands Free. Anyone can do it as living hands free means making a conscious decision to temporarily push aside distractions and give your undivided attention to someone or something meaningful in your life. So who is up for this challenge?




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