Home for Christmas


It’s crazy how the last month of the year is always the busiest. So many things to tick off the to-do list, so much Christmas shopping, so many social events, coffee dates, drink dates to attend. I always try to savour this festive period instead of just rushing through it, but often I find myself expecting so much of myself that I am exhausted by the end of the year.

Speaking of Christmas, we are spending it with my family in Poland this year. It will be Antek’s first time experiencing Polish traditions and tasting Polish festive dishes – I am interested to see whether he’s going to like it all. We’ve been here for a week already and it’s been wonderful being reunited with my family, watching Antek playing with my nephew and just soaking up the Christmas atmosphere.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this year for Christmas I hope you have a wonderful time with you loved ones! Merry Christmas!


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