Becoming Minimalist


Mango shirt / ASOS snood / H&M trousers / Joules raincoat / Accessorize earrings / Boots (similar)

Over the past few months I’ve been going through a minimalistic phase, simplifying as much of my life as possible, including my possessions, beauty routine and wardrobe. It started with reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, which made me declutter our house bit by bit. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to simplify my life further. Dig deeper.

One of the questions that came to my head was how do you write a fashion-lifestyle blog when you’re trying to live with less? Is it even possible? Well, seeing as Caroline from Un-fancy does it just fine, then I guess it is possible after all.



I remember when we moved into our house nearly two years ago and I looked at all the rooms and thought: wow, we have SO MUCH storage! I wondered how we would fill the rooms, seing that we just moved from a flat. But we did. We had a small baby and babies come with a lot of equipment. We started acquiring things. Our wardrobes are bigger so we started buying more clothes, more things. But it got to a point where I was standing in front of it and had nothing to wear. You know this feeling all to well, am I right?

So I started editing my wardrobe.Then I realised how much clutter was around the house. I looked at my bookshelf and donated books that I no longer wanted and outgrew somehow. This whole editing started to make me feel a bit more at peace. I edited my social media following. Decluttered my files, bookmarks, sites I was visiting. I’ve started focusing only on the ones that give me value, teach me something new and inspire me to reflect and think.



And with all of this – this personal growing stage – I sometimes feel like I have nothing to say here. That it would be hypocritical if I spoke about shopping and living in excess. Sure, I still buy things and I want to look stylish and fashionable. But I’m trying to build outfits based on what I’ve already got first and focus on other things, than shopping and spending money frivolously on more stuff.

I still have so much more growing to do and I am by no means a minimalist at this stage. But I’m trying and am consciously doing things differently these days. So let’s see where this whole approach will take me, shall we?


Photos by chevrons & éclairs

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  • This is beautiful. I too have gone through our entire home. I cannot believe how much has been donated or sold on facebook yard sales. I have one more room to go, our bedroom. It still has the tan paint and wallpaper from 17 yrs ago. I will paint everything white and hang vintage crewel and needlework bought inexpensively on Instagram. I want my house to reflect the women who sat and stitched and now I am the caretaker. I also have few clothing items, and rotate what I have. It is a wonderful and freeing feeling to live simpler. Looking forward to your journey.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Glad to hear you’ve also been going through this stage, it really is refreshing and inspiring when you suddenly see beyond the physical clutter and just stuff. I haven’t told many people about this purely because so many of us are so obsessed with owning more and I guess I was a bit worried about what they would say. But I am comfortable talking about it now and I am hoping it will be a great journey and a learning curve for me. xo

  • Thank you for introducing me to Un-fancy, Into-mind and all the other wonderful writers, books and blogs that have enhanced my life! Little did I know, I would be more content with a simpler life than an “excessive life”…

    … and you’re a mom!? haha <3

    • You’re very welcome! I shall introduce you to more sites + authors who write beautifully on living a more meaningful life with less – you have my word! xo