Two Years Old


This little boy of mine is turning two years old today. TWO! I now understand when people say that you see how quickly time goes when you have a child of your own. They grow in front of your very own eyes and it’s such a wonderful thing to experience.

I must admit, I enjoyed this second year of motherhood much more than the first one. I’m sure it’s due to the fact that we’ve established some sort of a routine (that you obviously don’t have with a small baby), he sleeps very well at night (which makes me a happier parent!) and he can communicate with us. Although I am not a big fan of the temper tantrums! ‘Terrible Twos’ have well and truly started!

Anyway, I am very much in love with this little boy. He’s my favourite in the whole wide world (don’t tell my husband) and I cannot imagine my life without him. Every day is an adventure and I enjoy spending my days with him.



At two years old, Antek:

  • understands Polish and English equally well
  • learns new words every day (at first I was counting them, now I can’t keep up with how many he can say!)
  • loves being outside in the garden or in a park
  • likes going to nursery (once a week) and playing with other kids
  • is obsessed with berries (blueberries, raspberries and strawberries in particular)
  • still naps once a day (and I’m not ready for this to change anytime soon!)
  • imitates all the actions that adults do – cooking, ironing, sweeping, fixing things, you name it!
  • is constantly on the go
  • can undress himself, point to different body parts, objects and also name colours (well, as long as  it’s red)
  • wakes up every morning at 6am on the dot (which sometimes is a killer for us)
  • hates having his teeth brushed



Happy birthday, my little boy. Don’t ever grow up!



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