Life lately


I’m not very good at being regular over here, am I?

Life has been intense over the past couple of months. After our anniversary weekend at Champney’s, I went to Paris with my mum to celebrate our milestone birthdays (30th and 60th), had a few family adventures, spent a couple of weeks of the summer back home (just like last year and the year before), and we also had our kitchen renovated (finally!). We’ve been working on this room for quite a while now and it’s *almost* finished (just adding last finishing touches).

There have been some ups and downs in my life, too – all of them turned out to be useful life lessons and I am very grateful for them. I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on my health, wellbeing and listening to my body and mind. It’s very empowering and eye-opening indeed.

I’m currently working on my goals for autumn and winter and I am excited for I’ve got planned. I will share some of them with you soon, promise!

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